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About Us

Helping Patients Get the Most Out of Rehab

About Us

RHI's Life-Changing Continuum of Care

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI) provides personalized, compassionate care for individuals facing life-changing injury or illness. Whether you're recovering from a brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, transplant or other trauma, we provide world-class rehabilitation – including inpatient, outpatient, and follow-up services to help you re-integrate back into the community – all under the same roof. It's a continuum of care, and it's how we help get you back to home, school, work, and life.

We treat patients 15 years and older who are in need of rehabilitation services for a variety of injuries, illnesses, and conditions.

  • staff that cares

    Every patient has a unique story. It’s the common goal to find the optimal path to maximize the potential for those we are privileged to help.

    Dr. Samantha L. Backhaus

    Clinical Neuropsycholgist
  • patient story

    I'm back to work. I'm back to driving...The care was absolutely phenomenal. I feel like RHI gave me my winning combination to succeed and to go back into the workforce and back to my life.

    Cindy Urich

    Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor