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Admissions FAQs

While we always encourage visitors, we may ask that visitors be kept to a minimum depending on the patient's needs. Please check with staff regarding appropriate times to visit.

We encourage family and caregivers to bring familiar items, including pictures of family and friends, familiar toiletries and clothing, non-skid walking shoes, and familiar bedding (when appropriate).

Nursing staff provides showers every other evening. In addition, patients will work on bathing and self-care skills with occupational therapy.

Arrangements can be made through the reception desk or with your case manager.

Your friends and family may bring you food in to RHI after confirming any dietary restrictions or requirements with your nurse.

A discharge day target will be determined by a weekly conference including your physician, discharge planner, charge nurse and therapists.

Length of stay varies and is dependent on the patient’s diagnosis and progress. Your RHI team will be able to better estimate your length of stay once initial evaluations are completed. Assessments are individual and are not pre-determined.

Don't see an answer to your question? Just give us a call! (317) 329-2000.